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Square Dance Lexington, KY

What is a Do Si Dos? A square dance move or a square dance club? Here it's both! The Do Si Dos of Lexington, KY is a square dance club that has been dancing for over 55 years. Learn to

Do Si Do and so much more.

Make the best friends of your lives, enjoy great physical and mental exercise in a friendly environment. 


How do I get started?

The first step is to enroll in dance lessons. Lessons usually start in January or February and end in spring. There are other opportunities to take lessons throughout the year. Fill out our contact form and we will let you know the next lessons start in the Lexington vicinity.

Once your lessons are complete you will be ready to dance at the many local dance groups around town and around the world! 


Already know how to square dance? 

Check out our Dance Dates and come pay us a visit to show off your moves!

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